Hi, I am new to this ,and having problems.
I am using windows XP. with audacity 2.
I upgraded from 1.2 and had no problems, but now I can not get my microphone to record without some effects on board.
went into Application audacity and deleted, but not Newprefsinitialized=1.
Went to .cpl files ,and deleted. still no joy.
What am I missing ??? Thanks David

The full version number can be found in “Help > About Audacity”. The current version is Audacity 2.0.5 (available here: Audacity ® | Downloads
Even though your operating system is obsolete, you should try to keep your software up to date as far as possible. (I would also recommend that you think about updating your operating system fairly soon. When anti-virus products discontinue XP support your computer will become a highly vulnerable target. Note that there are plenty of alternatives to Microsoft Windows.)

Audacity does not (cannot) apply effects during recording or playback.
The most likely source of these “effects” are from Windows “enhancements”, or perhaps from the sound card settings.
The first place to look is to ensure that “enhancements” are all turned off. See: Audacity Manual

If you mean you went into Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity and deleted audacity.cfg, that will not reset the Audacity 2.0.x settings, given you had Audacity 1.2 before. What you did will ensure that 2.0.x uses as many 1.2 settings as it can, but it would have been doing that anyway unless you changed settings.

When you install 2.0.5, you should enable “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer, which will completely set 2.0.5 to its own factory settings.

A .CPL file is a Windows Control Panel applet. You should not delete any .CPL files under any circumstances.

Given you have XP, there may not be any sound effects in Windows Sounds and Audio Devices. You may need to go into the Windows Control Panel, open the control panel for your sound device, and look in there for sound effects to turn off.


Thanks Gale, I loaded Audacity via NINITE, it did not give any option to reset preferences. Which is the best way to download to get this option ?? I am 78 years old , and it is a bit of a mine field. David

Ninite will do “silent” installs using default options.

You can download our installer by clicking this link: . Run the installer manually, then put a tick (checkmark) in the box “Reset Preferences” when you come to it. When you launch Audacity after installation, say “Yes” when you are asked if you want to reset preferences.