Desktop Preferences

On most sessions I stretch the track vertically and I would like each session to open with the blank track resized, I don’t see that option in the Track Preferences page in the help file.

Bob H

I’m not sure if it is exactly what you want, but try enabling:
“Edit > Preferences > Tracks > Display: Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed”

Nope, that just makes the selected track fill the entire desktop window. I just want the track to be about 1/3 larger than the standard track.

Bob H

I’ll add your vote for a default track height preference.

Note that track height is saved in the project, but if you have already saved a project, changing track height does not force a project re-save; in that case you would have to make some edit before changing the track height to save the new track height in the project.

Or how about

  • launch Audacity
  • Tracks > Add New > Audio Track (assuming you work in mono)
  • Drag the track height as you want it
  • Save the empty track as a project for example “empty.aup” (no quotes)
  • Place a shortcut to that AUP file on your desktop. Use that shortcut to launch Audacity then SHIFT + R to append record into the empty track.
  • If you save projects, don’t save them with the “empty.aup” name.


A great temporary fix idea and something to consider in the next edition of Audacity.

Bob H