Desktop enhancement

Each time I open Audacity I make certain desktop changes such as floating certain toolbars and resizing windows. I would like to make those changes occur automatically when I reopen the program but I see no global preferences option.

Any suggestions?

Upgrade to 1.3.x

In 1.2.x some of the Preferences settings are not saved - this is fixed in 1.3. where a different repository for Preferences setting is used.

And in 1.3 there are separate Audacity Preferences settings for each unique user (separate logins) - rather than the central one for all users per competer as in 1.2


Thanks Wax. I made the upgrade to 1.3 but I still don’t seem to see the option for making desktop changes. 1.2 had floating options but not the ability to save them. 1.3 doesn’t even seem to go that far unless I’m missing something.


Example: I have my meter bars record/replay much larger than the default, they are sretched across the whole screen (much more useful like that) - achieved by click & drag. This setting is retained betwenn Audacity sessions and between 1.3.x to 1.3.x+1 upgrades.

I believe you can drag the other toolbars around too - but I don’t want to mess with my GUI

You can also manage the toolbars through View > Toolbars