Dell Laptop 3520

Dell has got a weird sound set-up for sure… Audacity worked great for a few days, then with headphones unplugged a time or two, audacity will no longer work no matter what setting I use. It will record from the internal mike, but that picks up background noise, basically is worthless. Anybody have any ideas? Laptop is setup onWindows 10.

To unscramble that:

You are trying to record from the microphone on your headset. You unplugged the headset and now the only microphone that works is the laptop built-in one.

Audacity checks for new devices when it starts. If you connect something after Audacity is already running, it will be invisible. Restart Audacity, or you can also Transport > Rescan. After you restart, you may need to tell Audacity what to record from with the device toolbar.

Is your headset visible and can you switch to it?


Little slow here… record from 'Headset"? - Seems like it would work best to record directly from the sound card or something… My headset does not have a mic - weird thing about Dell is - you have to open panel and tell it to play internal speakers or HS - all other laptops I’ve had would switch when you plugged-unplugged.

OK, then I missed it completely.

What are you recording?


Recording from Pandora - dont tell anybody tho…

You’re recording audio playing on the computer.


To paraphrase Frank Zappa “Cheapness at work”. They must have left out the “headphone plugged in” detection. Every cent counts when you’re in the budget market…

Which links to this page for Windows: Audacity Manual
where you need to look at the “WASAPI loopback” method.