Deliberately delay playback (long latency!)

How can I speak into a microphone but hear my own voice half a second or one second later? I don’t want an echo - just a single delayed playback of each word in real time. Thanks.

You can delay playback of an existing Audacity track by adjusting “Audio to buffer” in the Recording Preferences.

However this does not work with Software Playthrough when recording because that latency is at a fixed amount you can’t change.

What is the goal you are doing this for?


This may do what you want.

Some people use it to delay radio commentaries of televised sports.


To clarify - when I had a reel-to-reel tape recorder with a record head and a separate playback head, I could record and playback with a delay that varied with the speed of the tape. I want to achieve the same in Audacity. Thanks

So you want to record with more latency when you speak more slowly?

I’ve said what Audacity can do already. It sounds like you want to run a time warp effect in a real time VST host. Audacity could then record the output of the VST host.