Deleting Video

I am recording audio to my harderive that has video still’s in each file. Is ti possible to remove the video and still keep the audio? :question: I have never used Audacity before. :blush: :confused:
I have posted this in 2other places. I hope that is OK and I am not messing up? :blush:


I have a feeling I am doing sonething wrong or illegal, :blush: I hope that is not true :question:
Does anybody know how I can get an answer to my question, or someone who can give me an answer? :frowning:
Is there a way to get this question to the AUDACITY site? So far i have not been able to figure out how to get in to them. Please help me out if you can.
Thank You

Weekends are slow here, we only have a handful of common question answerers. I’ve replied elsewhere to your question, please don’t double post in the future.

Thank You for answering.
I did not know which place to post in so that is why I posted in 3 places. :blush: From now on I will try to pick what i think would be the best place. :bulb: I have received HELP from others and if I ever get this figured out I will pass the INFO along to the FORUM
Thank You Very Much for the advice. :slight_smile: