Deleting silence labels

I am new to Audacity and I am having a problem separating a file into tracks. I have captured one side of a vinyl album into 1 file - about 20 minutes. There are 7 songs in the file. When I use the Analyze - Silence finder to separate the tracks, I get 10 markers. I would like to get rid of some of them as there are short durations of silence after a piano intro into the song at the start of some of the songs. I can’t find any way in the documentation that tells how to delete one of these labels. I have discovered that if I save it with Export Multiple the piano will be saved as a separate file - not what I want.

Thanks in advance,
Vince Radice

Edit > Undo Silence Finder and try increasing the silence level and duration (the first two controls).

Please see Audacity Manual .


I have tried that and is has worked to an extent. There were some times when the interlude was several seconds long - longer that the time between tracks. I was able to split the recording into tracks by inserting more silence between tracks. Can the offending markers be moved out of the way - like the end of the recording? It would be very helpful if the offending markers could easily be deleted.

Please read the link already provided Audacity Manual . Try clicking in the label, press HOME on your keyboard, hold SHIFT then press END, then press DELETE twice.


perhaps the easiest way to delete unwanted labels is the select the range in the label track that contains the unwanted label(s) and then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+K (a little tip/trick that I learnt from Gale recently) :slight_smile:

The shortcut is for the menu command Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete - see this page in the manual:

but the shortcut is much easier methinks :sunglasses:

UPDATE: I just noticed this is the MAC forum so the shortcut is probably CMD+ALT+K