deleting mp3 files...

i wonder if im the only problem with this…after i export files in mp3 via audascity somehow they get deleted…i do nothing to cause this…they just dissappear.has this happened to anyone else and what did u do about it if it has?thanks.


Make sure that you export to a location that you have permission to write to. For example, Export to “My Documents” or to the Desktop.

i DO export them to the desk top…thats where they get deleted…



When do they get deleted?
When you Export the MP3, can you see the file on your desktop? Does it play in your usual media player? Can you copy it/move it to another location?

it gets deleted if i leave it to long on the desktop…


i had the audacity icon on my desktop and it got deleted…not by my doing…can the computer be doing it?

Yes. Windows has a feature to automatically remove “unused” icons from your desktop.
See here for more information about why Windows does this and where it puts them when it has removed them
See here for how to switch that feature off

hi steve

theres actually a feature that will do that?gawd i thought there were some ghosts deleting them or i was cracking up…lol thanks



The desktop should really be considered only a temporary location for working files - and a location for shortcuts to commonly used functions.

Much better programming practice to store your files in proper folder locations that you manage and house-keep (just like your mother telling you to put your toys away properly eh? :slight_smile: ).

This way you should be able to find things later when you need them - a bit more work, but woth the effort.