Deleting from only One of Multiple Tracks [SOLVED]

I have been using Audacity for a few years now and feel fairly competent with it. However, I have noticed only recently that where I have multiple tracks uploaded into one Audacity window, where I select an element of one track and cut or delete it, the same area from all the other tracks is also cut or deleted.

I am guessing that something has changed as I only recently noticed the grey clocks background appear in other tracks when I was highlighting just one. I have checked through Topics in this Forum and the Audacity User Guide and cannot see anything relating to this specific issue.

How do I delete or cut an element of one track, and one track only, where I have multiple tracks uploaded in the same Audacity window?

Many thanks.

The clocks mean you have Universal Sync selected. Audacity will try to keep all your tracks perfectly in sync no matter what you do. Turn it off with the clock in the line just above the blue waves.


^^^ Thank you very much! How that icon was clicked, I don’t know.

Request solved. Thanks again!