Deleting All The Sounds in a Name

Hi there, I’m a sound artist trying to do something kind of strange. I have a poem I have recorded, and in it is a name. I have isolated the name from the track, and now I want to somehow delete every sound in the poem track that shares a sound with the name track. Is this possible? The point is to make an incomprehensible mess by taking out every sound that is the same/similar to the sounds in the name. I’ve tried inverting the name track but of course that only deletes the name itself from the poem track.

such things are possible with AI, (but not with Audacity)

Will this take out words or all the sound associated with a word?

That’s designed just to take out the umms and errs and leave everything else alone.

The cutting-edge way of doing that is to feed increasingly noisy speech to AI:
eventually it confabulates …

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