Deleting a track

I know this is basic, but I can’t figure out how to delete only one track. I click in the control panel of the one I want to delete and it highlights just that track, but when I press the delete key it deletes all the tracks. How should I do this to the delete only that one track I desire to delete?

What happens if you press the little [x] associated with the track you don’t want? If your target is part of an association or stereo mating, you’ll need to split that first. Those tools should be in the little back arrow drop-down to the left of the blue waves. Koz

Okay. You are exactly right on about the tracks being associated. I could not figure out why two were being deleted at the same time when I thought I had only selected one. My next question is though, how do I separate the two first? I don’t know how to do that.

See here for how to split a stereo track: