Deleting a small section of Track 02

I have a small section of track 02 (Bass) that is slightly late in timing. Can I remove a tad of time before the late bass and therefore make that little section in time with the pre recorded Track 01?

If so, I presume, that, that removed section must be “added/silence” after, so as the rest (2 Tracks) plays in sync.

In other words. How easiest to remove from a selected track, half a second of “delayed audio” without altering the other recorded track 01?

How is easiest method to “Delete” a greyed in selected section of a track?

Pressing the “Delete” button does nothing.

Chris Floyd

Have you tried Edit > Cut, click where you want the bass to come in, then Edit > Paste? That should keep track 02 the same length.

Press the yellow Stop button before editing.