Deleting a project

I am new to Audacity but using version 2.0.2 on my imac with OS X version 10.7.5 have successfully transferred recordings of my children from old audio cassette tapes. After editing these recordings I have exported as mp3 files and burned the results on CDs so my now grown up children have a record of their lives.I have many cassette tapes however and am concerned the projects I have saved so far (but no longer need there) cannot easily be deleted from within Audacity and are taking up a lot of disk space.
I have searched for information on how to do this and understand there is no File>Delete command and that deletion has to be done manually. But how is this achieved?? I have tried right clicking each file to find a delete choice and have tried dragging the files to my trash can but nothing seems to get rid of them. I have cut all the sound track out of a project but it still remains as a project in the list with both au and data files.
I realise I am not as computer literate as others in this Forum and would be so appreciative if someone could explain in simple terms the steps I need to take. Thank you for reading this.

Please see “Deleting an Audacity project”: .

That link shows how to remove entries from the Audacity “Open Recent” list (that is, what it says about Recent Files).

If you are not sure where all the projects are, you can search your computer for “*.AUP” (without the quotes).

For the AUP files and _data folders in the Trash, after making sure you don’t need them, empty the Trash.


But we really could do with a Delete Project command IMO :sunglasses:


Thank you 'waxcylinder" for that wonderful suggestion.

I have read all the instructions but still are having no luck moving those au files to the trash even though I have located them. I will keep trying but in the meantime have resorted to highlighting and cutting the audio track to minimalise the content that way.

Thank you for posting suggestions to someone who must sound very inadequate!


I can hear the support request now… “Help, I accidentally pressed Delete Project. How do I get my recording back? It’s my Great Grandpas final words”.

Ah - we implement an Audacity wastebaket as part of the implementation :ugeek:


Granny back again. After fussing about trying right clicks and trying to drag files to trash can without success, my brother in America advised me to exit Audacity before looking for the files to delete. It all works then, no problem!
Just shows how very specific were the instructions I needed.Sorry.

Thank you everyone for your patience and advice. I understand you don’t want to make deleting too easy or mistakes happen and you get bombarded for more help.
However a warning window when a delete button is pressed could be an alert to people of their actions maybe??

I can take votes for a “Project Manager” (reasonably user-proof) to manage “safe” deletion of projects (among other things). So that’s 2 votes?