Deleted audacity data file

:astonished: I accidentally deleted a data file so when I try to open my recorded music show audacity aup file “playitagainsime78” it gives me the error message “couldn’t find the data folder playitagainsime78_data”.

Any ideas on how to find and restore the data file so I can get my show back without having to re-record?

Did you close Audacity after you deleted the work? If you did, then Edit > UNDO vanishes

Does Windows have an "Empty The Trash Now? step? If it does and you didn’t do it, then you should be able to open the trashbasket and retrieve the work.

Did you save any work to the drive after you deleted the show? If you did, then the Un-Delete tools stop working.

Can you make the show again if you had to? Those are the only steps I know of to retrieve deleted work. The UnDelete process may give you 80% of the work back in scrambled form. It’s not fun.


Google your brains out.