deleted all the vocals

i just closed a project and when i went to open it all my stereo tracks were gone like the silence tool was used on everything is this an error that happens, if anyway you could add the sound back to all the stereo tracks that would be really helpful thanks.
pressed.aup (93.6 KB)

files ending “.aup” don’t contain any audio: they just contain references to the audio stored on your computer …

An Audacity Project is an AUP file telling Audacity what to do with the sound work inside the _DATA folder. The AUP is the manager file. They both have to be there and in the same location or folder, and the names have to be the same.

This was a show called “My Music.” You would have both of those with your name instead of mine.

Can you find both file and folder?


The AUP file suggests you have Audacity 2.1.1. Is that true?


yes i have both the .aup file and data file in the same locations and i do have the 2.1.1

do i need to do something with the files or send them to you

do i need to do something with the files or send them to you

You can’t send it. The audacity forum only allows about 2MB of “stuff.”

Open the Project. Is it in Stereo—coming from both speakers with everybody singing?

Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo to Mono.

Play it. Did the singers vanish?


I did that and still heard nothing ill give you more details, the client crashed one day while i was recording when i reopened audacity it asked me to recover so i did but then when it recovered it showed all the audio that was recorded including the beat silenced it still shows the length in which they were recorded the panning and gain settings but all the audio is silenced… I also had other projects i hadnt saved that crashed with it but the audio on those projects werent silenced they were the same as they were before the crash, its the only project that got silenced