Delete vocal in a normal song!!!??

How can i delete the vocal in a song? Please help me. Im new with Audacity and i’d be very very very…very happy if someone would learn me :slight_smile:
I also want to know how to mix two files together?

Vocal removal:
Note that this does not work for all files - in particular it will often not work on mp3’s

Mixing tracks:

thank you so much
but i still cant find out how to delete the vocal in a song, can someone write with your own words how you do it? or would do it please…im sorry i couldn’t understand, im just very new at this.

i’ve already installed center pan remover, but i don’t know how to use it real

You just have to select the area of track you want to apply the effect to and click Effect > Center Pan Remover

yeah. i did that. but i don’t understand how that would help me delete the vocal? it just deleted everything i have choosed. ):

If the song is a mono recording, it will delete everything.

The way “Vocal removal” works is that it assumes that you have a stereo recording and that the vocals are positioned in the centre and that the other instruments are placed to the left and right in the stereo mix.

This assumption is often incorrect (in which case it doesn’t work), but if this assumption s true, then the Vocal Remove effect will remove sounds that are positioned dead centre in the mix - hopefully that will be the vocal and not much else.

More detailed information is in the link that I’ve already posted.

Vocal Removal or “Center Pan Removal” isn’t a simple key click. There is quite a list of restrictions and rules and undesirable outcomes associated with it. As above, the tool only removes sound in the exact center of a stereo show. Drums in the middle? Gone. Any other instruments in center stage, Gone. It’s sometimes called Vocal Removal because the singer is usually in the middle and that’s what everybody usually wants.

People sometimes add stereo special effects to a singer’s voice during original song production to make them sound fuller and more pleasant. In that case, the singer will vanish leaving all the stereo echoes and special effects behind.

In all cases, the result after singer removal is a mono show.

Try the tools with this Left-Right test clip. It’s pretty brief and has four sound field tests. Play it through straight once to know what’s there. Then apply the filter. Only the third segment will be affected.

The tools almost never do what you want.