delete specific amount of silence from every silent part of a recording

Hello all,

I have a voiceover where the spacing between each line sounds unrealistically long. It doesn’t sound like naturally flowing speech. If I could delete say 0.1s from every pause (moment of silence i.e. flat/no waveform) in the recording, it would sound much more realistic. Is there a way to do this other than manually?

Truncate silence won’t do it, because that forces you to truncate to a specific time length. That’s no good because the pauses in the voiceover need to vary in length depending on whether they are pauses inside or after sentences. But if I could knock a specific amount of silence off of every pause that exists, that would do the trick.

Cheers, D

Truncate Silence also has an option to reduce silences by a percentage.
The option is called “Compress Excess Silence” (

Thank you, that’s helpful :smiley: