delete old version of audacity?

Mac 10.8.5
Audacity 2.0.5
.dmg installer

I just installed 2.0.5.

The 1.3.13 version is in my applications folder. it is the audacity headphones logo and to the right of the logo it says

Should I just drag that to the trash?

also the new Audacity is in a folder in applications and when I open the folder I see several files plus the one that looks like the one I just described - the icon plus the words
Is that fine like that or do I need to drag the out of it’s folder so it is directly in my applications folder.

Thanks for any help.

The 1.3.13 should have been in its own Audacity folder with its Plug-ins and other files and folders. If so, drag that entire Audacity folder to the Trash. If you now only have the app, then yes, drag it to the Trash.

The 2.0.5 must stay inside its “Audacity” folder in /Applications, otherwise it may not work properly. Then you have to eject the DMG and run the 2.0.5 app from its folder in /Applications.

In case there are any problems you can delete everything to do with Audacity from /Applications then mount the DMG again and just drag the “Audacity” folder from the DMG to /Applications again. Then eject the DMG and run the 2.0.5 app from its folder in /Applications.


Thank you.
I deleted the old It was not in a folder.

What do you mean when you say eject the dmg? Does that mean drag it to the trash. I see it in my downloads folder.

I mean that DMG’s are mounted as a device. You can eject the DMG bottom left of the Finder window. You cannot trash the DMG unless you eject it.


Thank you. I see it in the finder window and will eject there.