Delete Multiple Silences

Windows 10, Audacity 2.0.6, .exe installer

I made a recording of my radio show - which was streaming on-line - using the Windows WASAPI feed. However, the on-line stream cut out for brief periods of time (probably due to computer buffering or processing issues - the gaps become more frequent as time goes on). So, my recording has multiple silences or gaps that I want to remove.

I know that I can delete each silence individually, but that is time-consuming. Is there any function in Audacity that will allow me to delete them all automatically?

One complicating fact is that my show is a mix of music and spoken word, which means that there are brief silences between words I say, but those aren’t true “silences” like the other gaps.

I hope I was able to ask this clearly - thank you for the help.


I hope I was able to ask this clearly

You asked it perfectly clearly.

my show is a mix of music and spoken word

So you have the same problems that the vinyl record transfer people do. You may also have talked yourself out of automatic corrections. Audacity doesn’t recognize content. As a rule it can’t tell the difference between silences. You may also find that brute-force whacking out the silences doesn’t sound very good and the only way to keep your show from sounding like a hatchet job is do it manually.

— Audacity 2.1.2 —
Analyze > Sound Finder
Analyze > Silence Finder

This is the thing for Vinyl People. You may find some good hints in there.


Truncate silence.