delete button

Hi all
several times now I have gone to mute a track and accidentally clicked the delete button. I was wondering if, in some future update, the ‘delete’ could be part of the dropdown menu for that part? If not, at least somewhere where its slightly less easy to make the mistake?

I am loving the colours for the different instruments/voices…more of those please.

Great work. More power to the clever folk who can design and make this all happen!


Hmm, an interesting thought.

@Steve, Bill: either of you (or anyone else) think this is a good idea ?

The only downside is that it would take two clicks to delete the track rather than the current single click.


I’m used to seeing things with an [X] close button in one of the top corners. The current position seems to me like the obvious place for a track delete button.

If it was removed, I’d expect a lot of people to complain that they can no longer delete tracks because the button is missing.
Also, I doubt it would be much “safer” to put it in the track’s menu, as one can accidentally click on the wrong menu item just as easily as clicking on the wrong button.

In case you’ve not yet discovered: If you accidentally delete a track, you can bring it back with “Ctrl + Z” (“Undo”).