Delete button on the interface (scissors) is gone. Audacity 3.2.1

It’s too bad you didn’t find a place for the small button Delete (Scissors) on the interface. Ctrl K is not so handy (I know, it is the same as Sound Forge, but it was useful because I could select a clip to be cut and I used to press the “Scissors”, without moving the hand from X and C, which I use a lot.
I had to make another keyboard shortcut instead of Ctrl K…
Can you reinstate the Scissors button, pretty please?

There have been many other folk complaining about this, you are not alone.

I even logged a GitHub issue for this - but Muse do not want to bring those buttons back not even as a by-default-hidden toolbar:
Restore the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons as a new (hidden by default) toolbar #3693


Note that the shortcut for Cut is Ctrl+X. Ctrl+K is delete (which also can be accessed using the backspace and delete buttons)

We’re not all geeks, though we use Audacity every day for basic editing where the cut, copy and paste buttons are essential. Saying you can’t restore them because there is no room is like chopping the head off to make way for a new hat. Add refinements by all means, but not to the detriment of the basic tools.

Good news …

you may see these buttons coming back in a brand new toolbar which will be hidden by default but easily made visible through the View>Toolbars menu.

I manged to persuade Martin Keary (aka Tantacrul) from Muse that this was an important requirement for some folk - so he reopened the Enhancement Request for this that I posted
Restore the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons as a new (hidden by default) toolbar #3693

This is unlikely to be in any of the upcoming 3.2.x maintenance releases, but could well be on the cards for 3.3