Delete audio leaving empty space [SOLVED]

I want to delete dead space between songs recorded as 1 long track from vinyl lp, but even with ‘snap to’ turned off, when I highlight the desired section with the edit tool, and use either ‘delete’ or control - X , it removes the audio, but also ripples the audio together, which is not what I want. I simply want to remove the highlighted area and leave all else intact on the time line. There has got to be a pref or something stupid (perhaps me) I’m over looking. I’ve tried reinstalling a new version of 2. Running windows 7 pro 64 bit. Everything else works great! Any help??? Thanks!

Sounds like you want “Split Delete”.
“Edit menu > Remove Special > Split Delete” (Alt+Ctrl+K)

You can find the full list of Edit menu commands here:

Thanks Steve, Guess I didn’t drill down far enough in the edit menu!