Delay on Recording

I am concerned I will miss very important recordings, because I am running Voice Meter app and Recording with Audacity and sometimes it is not on track with the instrumental, the recording is off place, lagging/delaying.
And sometimes the recording is cutting.

How do I make sure I can run VoiceMeter and record using Audacity behind an Instrumental track without any delay issues?

I can’t tell from the post what you’re doing. Voicemeeter is a routing system not a musical instrument.

If you’re singing over an existing musical track, you don’t need Voicemeeter. Audacity Overdubbing will do that just fine.

If you’re trying to sing to an on-line backing track, that will never work because of normal network delays, switching and other problems. It will always be off time. Regular overdubbing (without the internet) has settings and adjustments to make delays go away.

What are you doing in detail? We have to build your system in our imginations.