Delay in Recording/Playing

I recently got a new computer (same Windows 10 operating system) and redownloaded the newest version of audacity. However when I went to record/play tracks I ran into some trouble. It takes a few seconds in between when I actually hit record/play and it doing the action (when recording it does create a new track instantly). For recording this issue only happens on tracks after the first, the first has no issues.

When recording, a message appears saying “Recorded audio was lost” and it was possibly caused by either “Other applications are competing with Audacity for processor time” or “You are saving directly to a slow external storage device”. I am not the most technologically literate but I think I can rule out the first because it takes up a very small percentage of my cpu and memory.

When I turn off wifi that seems to fix it. It seems to not be the one drive because when I stop it from synching it does not fix it. Any ideas?