Delay in Microphone start

Making a voice recording via laptop’s microphone. When I click the red record button, it takes a couple of seconds for the microphone to activate, so that I miss the first few words. This happens on every click of the record button. It does not seem to be the standard “latency” issue. I have corrected for that, and that does not seem to be what is causing it. Sound activated recording is off.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

That would seem to be an evil microphone, but what’s the possibility the microphone is being used by something else? Do you use Skype, Chat, games or other sound program? Skype in particular likes to take command of the microphone and it doesn’t matter what you want.

Cold restart the machine (Shift-Shutdown), Start and don’t let anything else start. Did that help, or did the problem change? Either one is valuable to know.

There’s another more remote possibility, too, How full is your hard drive? A full drive can slow the system down to the point it starts having trouble quickly managing its services.