Delay in headphones while recording

Hello. I registered here to ask for help

last week I bought new laptop, Windows 10, intel®pentium. I also bought usb sound adapter 7.1. for microphone (because laptop has 1 combined mic/headphone jack). I only can record with my sound adapter. I downloaded Audacity 2.1.2. Everything was working quite well, but today something went wrong and I don’t know to fix it - there’s a 1 sec delay in my headphones when I’m recording. I do hear my voice in the headphones and it’s delayed almost in 1 second, which makes recording impossible, the voice is far too distracting and annoying. I tried to change settings in recording lap but nothing seems to be working. Please help.

Turn off Transport > Software Playthrough at top of Audacity.


When I do it, it doesn’t record at all.

Sometimes like this shows up and it’s not recording.

Turning software playthrough off should not stop you recording from your USB adaptor.

USB devices need you to cold boot the computer sometimes to completely replenish the kernel session. To “cold boot”, click the Windows button, then the Power button, then hold SHIFT and click on “Shut down”.