Delay in headphones only when recording

I am a VO artist and have a home set up. I recently became busier and was advised to switch to audacity (it is far better than garage band for my uses) however when I record I have to take my headphones off because the playback is delayed by about half a second so it’s like listening to an echo.
I have searched the internet but everything seems to be talking about recording delay for multiple tracks… I need to be able to hear my voice in real time.

I am using a RODE mic and a FOCUS RITE box that the headphones and mic are attached to…the lead from there goes into my computer (mac pro 2020)

Any help would be SO appreciated… this is really becoming detrimental to my work.

So close.

Which Rode and which Focusrite?

You can’t listen to the computer for live monitoring. Plug the headphones into the Focusrite and set monitor ON (depending on which Focusrite) and turn Audacity Playthrough off in Preferences.

This shows up in overdubbing and musical performances because you have the exact problem they do, without the music. “Listen to myself without the echo.”

The wireless headphones people can have some serious problems. Focusrite doesn’t support wireless (that I know of).