delay effect

Has the delay effect changed? I’ve used Audacity for years but now with the latest update the delay effect doesn’t do the “robot voice” effect the same way.

Windows 7
Audacity 2.0.5

The delay effect was last updated in July 2012.

How did the old version do that? The current version should be able to do everything that the old version did, but you may need slightly different settings as a result of some bug fixes.

I’ve used a technique I found online:
– 10 (decay amount)
– .0045 (delay time)
– 30 (# of echoes)

I just updated to 2.0.5 last week and this is the first time I’ve used it since. The effect still does something interesting, but not what I need. I’ve changed settings and can’t seem to find an alternative with the Delay effect. I ended up finding a similar sound using the Echo effect but it takes a LOT longer to process.

How old was the old version that you were using? Do you know what the Audacity version number was?

I’ve tested those settings in the previous (2012) version of the Delay effect and it does very little other than adding a slight reverb-like effect, Definitely not a “robot voice”.

I’ve gone back to the very first version of the delay effect and still those settings do not produce a “robot voice” effect. Those settings must be wrong.

If you want to try the old version, I’ve attached it:
delay01.ny (689 Bytes)
Instructions for installing are here:

I was using version 2.0.0. The settings are not wrong. I’ve used it many times. When applying this technique it must be repeated numerous times - which is still a lot faster than using the echo effect. The only reason I updated is because I could not longer export the recording as a WAV file for some reason. Now with 2.0.5 I can export but the delay effect doesn’t produce the same results as before.

How many times? You have only given half of the recipe so I guess it’s not surprising that it did not work for me.
Does the old version that I posted produce the required effect?
How about this version:
delay-old.ny (4.39 KB)

Yes, the old version works! Awesome. Thanks!

I would repeat this effect at minimum of 6 times to get the sound I want.

I presume that you mean the ancient version “delay01.ny” (as that is the only one downloaded so far) ?

Yes, the only version I’ve download so far would be the one I’m talking about.

For an almost identical effect with the current version of Delay, try these settings:

-10 (Delay level per echo)
0.0045 (Delay time)
30 (Number of echoes)

Note that the first value is “minus 10”.