Delay before play

I am running Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 8.1
Whenever I either press the play button, or press the spacebar there is 5 second delay before the audio plays. This is a brand new Toshiba Satellite and I never had an issue on my old Satellite. If anyone else had this issue and fixed it or knows the reason for this problem please reply and thank you.

How many Audacity tracks are there stacked on top each other? Dozens of tracks will cause such a delay.

Also look at Edit > Preferences… then the Recording section. Make sure “Audio to buffer” is set to 100 milliseconds.


I occurs even when there is only one track and I checked and the audio to buffer is 100 milliseconds.

Try these links: . .

Exactly what sound device are you using for playback?


Does your hard drive light go nuts between the button push and the music?

Just started using it again today and the problem seems like it fixed itself. A similar thing happened just now on my old computer where it would delay after I pressed play to stop. But after a little while it went back to normal.