Defining events/cues at certain timepoints via kb shortcut

Hello all,

I need to be able to define (insert) multiple events at various times throughout each of a series of sound files. There are in fact, two distinct types of events that I;d like to be able to define within each file.

Therefore, I would need to define a key (for instance “A”) to insert a bookmark/cue/event of type A, and key “B” for such a bookmark/cue/event of type B. After a sound file has been thus annotated, I would then need to have a pastable/Excel-importable list of the timestamps corresponding to both all A-events and all B-events.

However, I have not found a way of defining such events of various types in Audacity, and/or defining a custom keyboard shortcut for each. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Use Labels. CTRL + B to add a label at the editing cursor or selection. Type in the label to give it a name. You can’t define a shortcut that types specific text, unless you use a separate macro program like AutoHotKey to do that.

You can File > Export Labels… as a tab-delimited text file for use in Excel. See


Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my description. I would actually like these labels to be added in real-time, upon simply pressing the shortcut key, without the need to type into the label text field. Can a macro achieve that? Many thanks!

As I said, Audacity cannot do that, but a macro program could. Don’t forget to program the ENTER/RETURN key to close the label after typing it, otherwise the label might acquire unwanted text.


Oh I see, sorry - I thought the macro can be programmed inside Audacity, I now see it’s in fact a different software.

Ok - thanks again!