Default window locations in Audacity

I use Audacity version 2.1.2 on Windows 7 in an Enterprise environment. I do have administrator privileges on my machine though.

My issue arose after upgrading Audacity to 2.1.2. I don’t recall what version I was using - two point something as I recall, and I upgraded Audacity a few months ago. My issue is not serious but I guess it’s bugging me today.

I use two monitors. Most of my work is done on the second display (that is, not on the primary display). My issue is that Audacity always starts up on the default display in some size other than what I used last. Audacity used to remember my window location and size preferences and start up where I used it last. Now however it not only starts on the default display in approximately 800x600 resolution. I’ll move the window to my preferred (secondary) display and resize it to what I like but it defaults back to 800x600 on the primary display after I’ve worked on a file, saved it an closed the file (that is, closed the file but not the program).

I use Audacity once a week to process voice recordings for our call centre. Our Voice will record the new voice prompts on a voice recorder and give them to me to massage, convert to WAV format and then upload into the call centre software. It does all of this very well but Audacity doesn’t allow me to have my windows the way I like them. I’d like the way Audacity used to handle window locations and sizes to be resurrected please.

Thank you for this, and the great work people do to make Audacity the great software it is.

Thanks, Ken. Yes it’s a bug: