Default Silence Setting

How do I change the “Generate Silence” default setting to “Seconds” ? Thanks.

Click on the little-downward-pointing-black-triangle at the right of the input box.

This will give you a drop down menu to select the format you require.

You will need to reset this the next time you use Audacity after closing it as this setting in not stored in the Preferences file.


Thanks for the answer. I think there should be a way to store setting in preferences.

The developers are not keen on adding more preferences as there are already a great many.
Would it be sufficient if it remembered what you used last?

(Moving this topic to the “Feature Request” part of the forum)

Are you generating more than 60 seconds of silence?

If not you can still generate in whole seconds with the default format - if you want 11 seconds just type 11 and ignore the other digits.