Default save locatiopn

Dudacity :- 233
System:- Windows 10
I have used AUDACITY on and off for many years- SINCE 2004
I Installed Audacity 233 On My Computer I went to EDIT - PREFERENCES - DIRECTORIES and changed the Temporary Files Directory Location
( I don’t like my important files on the C Drive - As that is the drive hit by Viruses)
I changed the default drive to
D:\Audacity\Audacity Projects\ Session Data
Audacity seems to ignore this Location and keeps saving the files to
I have to keep changing the Location from this to MY Default drive
The I started to get errors on saving that the “drive is too full or there is an error on save”
so I couldn’t save the file to any folder or drive, So lost the whole project
The C:\ Drive has 120 GB free and the default location D:\ 446 GB
Even a total restart did not solve the problem.
I have since did a total uninstall of Audacity, even the registry
and did a clean install (ver 2.3.3)
It seems to be working but still have the same problem with default save locations
Any help with The last problem

The default save location is the system’s default directory for user documents. On Windows 10, that is the “Documents” folder, and by default that is on the C:\ drive. The location of the Documents folder may be changed (though be very careful if you attempt this):

Thank you for that information. It all makes sense now.
I know about changing the Default Location Of the Main Library Folders to where I want them stored
Will be reformatting the C: drive and reinstalling Window in the next few months, so that shoukld sort those problems out