Default sample rate

Hi everyone…

I am new to Audacity so please be patient with me. This question may be foolish but here it goes…

I set the preferences in Audacity ( 1.2.6) for quality default sample rate to 96000, 32 bit float , high quality sinc interpolation, real time dither: none, hight quality dither: triangle.

When I record it shows 96000 rate. However, After I export as MP3 file and then open up that file in Audacity it shows a 48000 rate instead of the 96000.

please advise

thank you


MP3 encoding will automatically downsample audio to a lower bit rate if the original is in a higher bit rate than the compression setting support.
The highest quality MP3 format is “320kbps CBR” which is excellent quality, but still lower quality than a 48kHz 16 bit WAV file.