Default mix down of old tracks to recording of new one


I’m trying to record a new track via “line in” but Audacity mixes down all the old tracks to the new recording track, as well as recording the new audio. I’ve tried various settings in “Preferences - audio i/o” but can’t get round this except by muting the old tracks (which I need to hear so I can play along) Thanks.

We need to know the version of Audacity your are using (it sounds like it might be 1.2) and the computer and operating system you are using. This is probably an issue with your system sound control panel settings.

– Bill

Hi Bill

It’s V 1.2.6 which came bundled with a Behringer UC6102 USB guitar interface.

I’m using Windows XP on an Acer Veritron M464

The sound card is a Realtek HD

Preferences for Audio i/o are either the Realtek or Microsoft Sound Mapper (which I’m not familiar with)


You need to disable/unselect “record what-U-hear” aka “Stereo Mix”, aka “Wave Out”, aka “Sum” aka “Loopback” in the Windows recording devices, just enable/select “line-in”.
XP select line-in only, NOT 'sum' (aka 'recoed-what-U-hear).PNG