default keyboard shortcuts fail[WORKAROUND]


using audacity 2.03 built from source on linux Mint LMDE, patched and up to date.use of the keyboard fails either from startup or after a short time. If I quit audacity and restart, they might come back for a short while, but always fail again shortly after. Everything works fine in Windows, so it seems to be particular to Linux.

here is the log. since it is short I am just pasting it in. I checked for other bugs in bugzilla…perhaps it is related to 530 and 594, but I am having the issue with the default shortcuts, like press space to play, not custom ones.

09:24:13 PM: Audacity 2.0.3
09:24:15 PM: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries…
09:24:15 PM: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries from system paths. File name is ‘’.
09:24:15 PM: Checking for monolithic avformat from ‘’.
09:24:15 PM: avformat not monolithic
09:24:15 PM: Loading avutil from ‘’.
09:24:15 PM: Loading avcodec from ‘’.
09:24:15 PM: Loading avformat from ‘’.
09:24:15 PM: Actual avutil path /usr/lib/i686/cmov/
09:24:15 PM: Actual avcodec path /usr/lib/i686/cmov/
09:24:15 PM: Actual avformat path /usr/lib/i686/cmov/
09:24:15 PM: Importing symbols…
09:24:15 PM: All symbols loaded successfully. Initializing the library.
09:24:15 PM: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
09:24:15 PM: AVCodec version 0x344802 - 52.72.2 (built against 0x344802 - 52.72.2)
09:24:15 PM: AVFormat version 0x344002 - 52.64.2 (built against 0x344002 - 52.64.2)
09:24:15 PM: AVUtil version 0x320f01 - 50.15.1 (built against 0x320f01 - 50.15.1)
09:24:15 PM: FFmpeg libraries loaded successfully.
09:24:32 PM: File name is /media/drv5_vol1/data/dropbox/audio/soundscape/kolkata city sounds/kolkata - gailiff st. apartment - street criers - 080615.wav
09:24:32 PM: Mime type is *
09:24:32 PM: Opening with libsndfile
09:24:32 PM: Open(/media/drv5_vol1/data/dropbox/audio/soundscape/kolkata city sounds/kolkata - gailiff st. apartment - street criers - 080615.wav) succeeded
09:55:16 PM: Attempting to load LAME from system search paths
09:55:16 PM: Loading LAME from
09:55:16 PM: Actual LAME path /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
09:55:16 PM: LAME library successfully loaded

Thanks for the report.

Are you using Nyquist Workbench? If so this is bug 516 .

If this happens after importing “read directly” uncompressed files it may be Bug 370 .

Does it happen after Save Project or Mix and Render ( bug 355 )? That one is regarded as “moonphase” (not repeatable).


It seems it is bug 370, as I do leave the warning for reading files directly active, but almost always read directly anyway. The workaround of clicking in the wav file after import but before using any shortcuts has worked for about 45 minutes now, so I am guessing that it will work for me. One thing different between my linux box behavior and the bug report is that I lose all default keyboard shortcuts, not just the space bar. It is a pretty major workflow issue without the workaround, rendering linux useless for any serious work – that sent me back to windows for a recent job, so thanks for pointing me to the workaround. I had searched bugzilla but did not come up with anything.