default hissing

Hi, Using W7 and audacity 2.1:
As soon as I start to record there is hissing. I don’t need to say anything, it’s just there as soon as I hit the ‘record’ button. The recording plays but of course so does the hissing!
I have no such problems with the little ‘windows sound recorder’ or (say) on zoom.
Microphone in front jack, speakers in rear. Sound levels good.
Many thanks for any help.
Merry xmas too! Mike, UK

Zoom is using its own internal sound processing, noise reduction, and corrections. Windows Sound Recorder is probably using the Windows Enhancement tools.

Audacity is just recording your performance.

All microphones have internal noises. Your voice or other performance produces a super tiny electrical sound and it’s up to the microphone, interface, or sound mixer to boost it up enough to be useful. That process also produces a little noise.

Record a short sound test and post it on the forum

Sometimes we can take a listen and identify common noise problems.


Hi and thanks,
Before I do that, other recordings I have made (either in audacity previously, or elsewhere) don’t suffer from hissing, so this still seems like an endemic problem. Zoom and the little windows sound recorder exhibit no hissing at all. Hence I still think it’s an audacity issue.
Happy new year!