Default export wav instead of save aup


We are use Audacity as an edittool voor radio. We use a command line to open a wave file from an other tool.
We now made CTRL+S default for export. And predefine wav 16 bits 44.1 Khz as output format.
Is it possible to make this default when you close audacity and the let the question for export appear and not save aup option?

So the user don’t need to think about export and the close the application and not save the project file.

Is there a way to get this situation?


Gerrit Meijering

“Saving a WAV file” is a massive battle in Audacity land. The problem is Audacity is an audio production editor, not a WAV editor, so its natural Save format is an Audacity Project, not a WAV file. That also gives you the warning that as far as Audacity is concerned, you have not saved your work properly no matter how many sound files you Exported.

Yes, it is annoying, particularly since Audacity walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but isn’t a duck. It burns people constantly.


When you close Audacity, any changes that you have made to Preferences should be saved and in place the next time that you open Audacity.

Is it the “Save changes before closing?” warning that you want to get rid of?

It should be nice if the save message will be save as wav file?
But yes if it’s possible to remove the question save chenges before leaving Then there is one step less.

We are not planning to do it, but if we allowed a Preference to not show “Save Changes?” we would probably require that the whole project had been exported immediately before closing. So that would fit with your use case.

Does your other tool require the Audacity project to be closed before returning the edited file to the tool?


Hi Gale,

That should be nice if this option will be available. It’s not requierd for the tool to jump back but when the use again audacity to edit it will give an error because audacity is already running. (The old instance is the still actime and will destroy the files from the new instance).

So to let the users always close audacity without saving the project without the question save yes no will be great.

Greetings Gerrit

What version of Audacity are you using (look at Help > About Audacity)? I would expect current Audacity to open a new project window if the tool calls it again, even from a command-line (I just tried it).

You can get the latest Audacity 2.0.5 here: Audacity ® | Downloads .