Default Audacity Folder Bump Tip (Windows)

If you process a lot of loops like me, you’ve probably run into this situation:

  1. You import a loop from a loop pack folder.
  2. You move the loops you want from that folder to yer archive.
  3. You delete the folder the loops were in.
  4. You go to import another loop in Audacity and you’re greeted with that message and
    returned to the Audacity program folder.
  5. Now you have to navigate through Windows to your processing loop folder.

It’s pretty lame, and there’s not much to be done to fix it sorrily, but here is what
I recently figured out:

  1. Put a folder in the Audacity program folder named something like LINKS
  2. Put shortcuts to folders closer to your “target” folder in that folder.

Now, when you get “bumped” back to the program folder, you can just go into
LINKS and avoid some clicking.

I also used to unplug the arcade games at the grocery store trying to get free
video games in the 1980s. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the tip loopman.
I added “Windows” to the subject title as the problem that you describe is a Windows “feature”.