Deep subs

Recently, I’ve been trying to create a deep subwoofer sound that basically shakes anything around the sub (The A-Team trailer uses this a bit tooo much)
Is there anyways to create this kind of sound from maybe a tone of some sort? Or does it need to be recorded from something and then drastically altered?
Or does this need another plugin (ugh).

The movie “Earthquake” used a really simple technique. Can we assume you have speakers that will go down to forever?

Create white or pink noise and apply the Low Pass Filter starting around 100 Hz or maybe 80 Hz. Use the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to fade the effect in and out.

I’m assuming Audacity 1.3.12 for all of this. Earlier versions tend to be missing tools.

I can’t emphasize enough having a speaker system that will handle this. The effect is very different depending on your subs.


Sorry Koz, but not really what I was looking for. What you gave me is a kind of rumbling, no real tone or anything. The trailer has a sort of sound (something electronic… synth?) that starts of pretty low and then gets lower.

<<<(something electronic… synth?)>>>

I have a stop on my Yamaha keyboard that will do that. It’s called “Saw Lead.” Play it way down on the bottom of the keyboard and mix into the rest of the track. My keyboard has that silly rocker on the left that can change pitch of the instrument. You can use that to dip the pitch, or you can do it with the Audacity Change tools – although I’d do it with the keyboard.


There’s a sawtooth setting for Generate > Tone. You might be able to force that to work. It’s in Audacity 1.3.12.


To make the sound less “flat” you could use a number of tones each of them tuned to a slightly different frequency, then set at different volume levels and mixed together.

That’s what I meant by “force it to work.” The stop on my keyboard is already musical, mixed, and produced. In the middle registers instead of low, it sounds like a Super Mario Brothers game track. In the high registers, it scares the cat and can crack glass.

The wave generator will have to be built up in post production to achieve the work and even then might not sound right.