Decoding silent subliminal messages

I’ve downloaded a subliminal audio mp3 from and i was wondering if anybody knew how to decode what they’re actually saying?

This is where you Google to figure out the technology they’re using for the product and we’ll tell you if Audacity can execute that process or not.


The site just says that they take the messages and raise them to a frequency beyond our hearing range(so the track is silent the whole time). Although, if the track is turned up loud you can hear a voice but its incomprehensible.

I think that the idea is that your subconscious brain automatically works out what processes are required to decode the inaudible message. It doesn’t sound very probable to me, but that’s what exponents of silent subliminal messaging say.

The name sounds esoteric and attractive enough to some, but it is still the old snake oil trick…

As a matter of fact, it is even craftier than snake oil. Snake oil can be lab-tested. Subliminal messages cannot. There might not even be any message at all…