decoder for flac files missing (debian wheezy) [SOLVED]

i used ubuntu for years and it was easy to rip wma/wav files to flac in audacity. now with debian i tried to do the same but there’s some kind of problem with flac files i get this way - i can only play them in vdeo players but not in audio ones. audacious gives me information that there is a decoder missing and tangerine doesnt do anything. i tried to install some stuff in synaptic but nothing works.

forgot to mention, i use audacity 2.0.1.

It works OK here on Debian Wheezy with Audacity 2.0.1.

If you export an audio file from Audacity in FLAC format, can you import it back into Audacity?

yes i can import and play them, i also tried to save them as mp3 but still its same. i think this is not problem with audacity but with audio players.

I think you’re right.

problem is solved. i recently changed system settings and put audacious as default audio player instead of rhythmbox which caused all the mess.