Declined update happened anyway

My toolbar changed after I declined an update. The manual still says version 3.3.3. As a new user who finds this most convaluted software I’ve ever used, it’s a pain in my derrier to have to search for old commands. My daughter who used Audactiy in her radio job until a year ago was befuddled in trying to help me. She wondered if there wasn’t a way to return to a virgin version. Editing only sometimes works with one set of commands. I try to remove a gap and like whack a mole it merely appears down the track.
The manual for a novice refers to frequently undefined terms like the handle to a clip. People on YouTube do a better job, but if they are giving directions based on an earlier version of Audacity, it may not work.
This seems to be a part of a trend. My Word Update is terrible and more elaborate to use, giving grammar lectures in identifying errors and warning that readers might be offended by the use of the word “Damn.”
Any advice?

You can download older versions of Audacity from here: Old Audacity versions download

In Edit > Preferences > Application, turn OFF “Check for updates”.

Do you have MuseHub installed ? If you do you may wish to uninstall it.

THANK YOU! No on the MuseHub. Can I have both versions? I will want some of the files I currently have. Will they be automatically transferred?

So for you I would stay away from MuseHub for right now unless you need it for some reason. I can’t give you any specific recommendations, but generally, the best versions are the last maintenance issues before a feature update.

These would include:

Your .aup3 projects will not open on 2.4.2

It is possible to run multiple versions on one computer - but NOT at the same time. For me when I install each new version of Audacity, I am prompted for the directory. For me I install Audacity 3.3.3 into the Audacity333 directory, so I can keep them separate.

Some people use the portable version: Portable Audacity - Audacity Manual - I don’t use that myself.

Note regardless of which version you use, you cannot have more that one version running at a time. So if you startup 3.1.3 and then startup 3.2.5, it may appear that both versions are running, but in fact you only have 3.1.3. The best way to confirm the current version is with Help > About Audacity.

Other than 3.3.3, I can’t recommend any particular version.

musehub also can have automatic updates disabled, fwiw

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. My concern is transferring my files back to 3.3.3. Let’s see. Is there an intermediate place I can export to and then export to 3.3.3

What is the problem ? Are you having problems loading your projects into 3.3.3 ? Are you trying to install 3.3.3 ?

I was worried about losing my files if an upload of a different version of Audacity replaced what I had. It turns out I think I still have 3.3.3 despite weird behavior. I discovered a comman Reset Configuration in trying to solve a failure to record problem. It reset my toobar back. Also, I received a recent request to update to 3.34 or 3.4.

Thanks for all your help.