DeClicker and Leveller effects won't enable

Audacity Version 2.1.3, Windows 7 x 64, Toshiba Satellite Laptop, audacity-win-2.1.3. exe

I downloaded the DeClicker.ny Effect and I installed it in Audacity Plug-ins. It shows up in my list of plug-ins, but when I try to Enable it from Add/Remove Plugins, it won’t enable. I click Enable/Okay at lower right, but it keeps returning to a Disabled status and won’t transfer to the Effects list. I’ve scoured the internet for solutions, but haven’t found a thing.

The same thing happens with Leveler.

I haven’t tested them all, but I can enable many of the other listed effects. Any help will be appreciated.

Try renaming the “pluginregistry.cfg” to “pluginregistry-old.cfg” ,
“plugsettings.cfg” to “plugsettings-old.cfg”, and restarting Audacity,
(new *.cfg files will be automatically generated on restart ) … Chordino does not remain 'Enabled' [SOLVED]

[ If this doesn’t solve the problem, renaming allows you to revert to the “old” versions]