decks to laptop

I just bought a new laptop (acer aspire) and i have a relatively new mixer (pioneer djm 400). when i connected from line out on mixer to line in on laptop i got a loud static/ feedback noise. the amp is built into my speaker (behringer), does this have anything to do with the noise?

Without Googling everything, are you reeeely sure your laptop has a Line-In? Most PC laptops don’t. Most PC laptops are set up for business communications with a headset; Microphone In and Headphone Out. If you put a line signal into a microphone input, that’s only about a thousand to one overload.

Some laptops can switch their input connector between line and mic. Consult your local listings. Void where prohibited.

Mac laptops do have a very nice Line In, however they have no idea what to do with a microphone.

You could have a lot of other problems with a PC, but let’s start there.


there is definately a specific line in with seperate mike & headphone jacks

Can you describe the noise.
“static” would tend to imply a crackly fuzzy sound, whereas “feedback” would imply a loud constant tone like a horn. There are other kinds of bad sounds that you could be getting, such as high pitched whistles.

it was a static noise…but i tried it again this morning and it was fine. hopefully it was just a temp glitch.

Since we’re using the analog inputs of the computer, you may be able to help with a little Windex or alcohol-based glass cleaner. Spray on a paper towel and rub the connector vigorously and then finish off with a dry rub.

Same with the output connection to your speakers.

I clear a lot of complicated audio problems with Windex.