December 2 Webinar

Hello- I am the Director of Customer Community at Brainshark. We recommend Audacity to our customers that want to record (or edit exisitng audio) for their a Brainshark on-demand presentation using a microphone as opposed to the telephone. We do weekly webinars on various topics and would like to do one on December 2 at 2:00 pm eastern. Anybody up to present on how to use Audacity. We could do it, but having an expert would be more impactful. If you have a service you offer and would like to use the webinar for your marketing as well we are open to that…thanks…irwin hipsman

I think what may kill you before anything else is that the elves do this in fifteen second blocks as we find time between everything else going on. It’s not continuous.

The forum lends itself to this and is one of the reasons we seem to be everywhere at the same time. We’re not, but if you sample a system at just the right rate, the effect is very similar.

I think my oatmeal is boiling over. !@#$

OK, I’m back. Did you miss me? Rough to get burned oatmeal out of a gas jet.