Decay between playback and Audacity recording


I used Audacity quite some time ago. It went smooth. Then I did not find my way…
Now, many years later I revisit Audacity.
And, bang,… problem.
Before I did not have the settings right. Not now.
Here is what happens.

I got soundflower 2 ch on input
And the USB port as output. Or built in output.

It works. I audit the audio monitoring, the green sequence bar.

ONLY. There is a DECAY in what is being played and the actual monitoring procesd in Audacity. So also during recording.
What happens is that Audacity comes a Second after the origin , being the streamer Qobuz which has its OWN output choices.

Where it comes from , no idea. Of course you get a mixed cluttering of both tracks So to say, the Qobuz playing track and the decayed Audacity track.
How to get them in sync ?

I hope it was a bit clear,

Many regards ,
Ignace ,

Try clicking on the Transport Menu and unchecking “Software Playthrough”.
– Bill

In a tutorial they just told me to check the software playthrough which was off.
I am recording now with QuickTime . Did a little test SP off and I think it works. Stupid turorial :slight_smile:,

We have a tutorial here:

Software Playthrough needs to be on if you want to hear what you are recording, unless you have turned Soundflowerbed on in order to always hear what’s playing, in which case Software Playthrough should be off.