Debugging error

My Windows 10 PC keeps giving a wxWidgets Debug Alert upon starting Audacity 2.3.2.

“A debugging check in this application has failed.
c:\wxwidgets-3.1.1\scr\common\dynlib.cpp(102):assert”“IsLoaded()”"failed in wxDynamicLibrary::DoGetSymbol():Can’t load symbol from unloaded library.

I have uninstalled Audacity, shut down and rebooted computer several times.

I have tried installing in Program Files as well as Program Files (x86) but same issue.

My installation on my other Windows 10 PC has no issue! Can anyone help?

This issue has been reported a few times over the last couple of years. It is logged on the Audacity bug tracker, but none of the developers or QA have been able to reproduce the problem.

It appears to be due to a bug in WxWidgets 3.1.1 (which Audacity uses) that only affects a very few PCs.
Other user have reported that if they click the “Continue” button a few times, then the message goes away and Audacity runs correctly. Unfortunately it is necessary to do this each time that Audacity is launched.

Do you have any other versions of Audacity installed?
Do you have LAME and/or FFmpeg installed?

I have skipped through as suggested and the error messages do go away, but althiough I can see the audio track in the play/edit window… it wont play?? I got do one short click and instead of playing the audio it skips the whole thing in less than 1 second? Any ideas what it going on?

What error messages are you getting?