Hello, I have an old mac mini (8 years old) and a new mac mini. My audacity worked well on my old mini with a RODE NT1-A mic and a Fast Track Pro preamp I bought 8 years ago.
I am trying to set up my new mini with this same mic and preamp.
Two months ago when I first received the new mini there were lots of clicks and pops when I tried to record, and my pitch made me sound like a chipmunk. I messed around with some settings, (not sure what I did) but it worked for like a week then the clicks and pops and pitch problem came back. So I went back to my old computer and used it for 2 months to get my backlog of voice over jobs done.
Now I am back trying to set up my new mini and I keep getting this “Debug” page that won’t let me go any farther. So now I can’t even get to a screen where I can record anything. Even if it’s going to have clicks pops etc.
I saw in the forum an answer to this sent by Gale, but I don’t get the same windows/responses that she gets in her instructions. For example, I can’t just force Quit audacity the way Gale says to do it. And when I go up to the upper bar (drop down) like Gale says to do Not much is highlighted so I can’t even pick any of the topics Gale says to choose.

I am Using 10.12.3 I think it’s called Sierra, and
My audacity is 2.1.2

I am obviously close to desperation, Please help…

By the way, I’m male, but it’s a natural assumption otherwise.

Where exactly are you setting up and getting a debug page? If you see a Debug window in Audacity that means it has crashed. If Audacity crashes when you launch it, see FAQ:Installation, Startup and Plugins - Audacity Manual.

For crackle and clicks due to buffer settings and power saving, see Don’t look elsewhere in that Manual because it is our development manual. After Audacity 2.1.3 is released the link will be FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual. However not all those power management suggestions will be relevant to a Mac Mini.

The above link includes setting up the input section of your device at Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup to have the same sample rate as Audacity’s project rate (project rate is bottom left of Audacity). Assuming you are not singing against playback of previous tracks (overdubbing), this should be enough to cure recording at the wrong speed. You can find Audio MIDI Setup in /Applications/Utilities.

If you are overdubbing, the Audacity tracks must be at the same rate as Audacity project rate and the device’s output must also be set in Audio MIDI Setup to match with Audacity’s project rate. If rates don’t match, this is another potential cause of clicking. See FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual.