Debug Report, Crash/Quit Loop

I accidentally changed the monitoring Frequency from 30 to 0. This caused a crash. Upon relaunch, Audacity’s debug report dialog box appears. After dismissing this, the program crashes/quits. Uninstall/reinstall has no effect. Ideas?

Thanks for the report.

Do you perhaps mean setting the refresh rate for the playback or recording meter to 0? I have not tried on Mac yet, but on Windows, doing that does cause a crash and then you cannot launch Audacity again. We will look into it.

Reinstallation of Audacity does not change its settings. To reset settings so you can launch Audacity again, force quit Audacity if it is still running, open Finder, use the “Go” menu, choose “Go to Folder” and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

In the “audacity” folder that appears, delete the file “audacity.cfg”.

If the problem is something else, please explain what setting you changed to 0 and where, and send us the debug ZIP file that Audacity created. By default the ZIP file should be in a subfolder in /var/folders/. Also please attach the crash report for Audacity from /Applications/Utilties/

Please see here for how to attach files:


I do mean the refresh rate, thank you.
BTW, I’m using the latest versions of both OS X and Audacity (.dmg)

Hi Gale,
Worked like a charm!
Thank you

I logged the bug